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Updated: Jan 18

Most of us live in a constant state of fatigue, where even running errands, working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle all seem too challenging.

Our energy affects everything we do, I spent 10 years studying ways to create and maintain a level of energy that would enable people to not just survive each day. In this program, I will guide you and help you not only to get The Body you Desire as well as a benefit from the program you’ll double your energy levels and find the power to transform the way you experience every day of your life. The first step is understanding how energy directly impacts not only your physical health, but your emotional state. Then discover the key to a healthy gut and why that is essential as a building block for lasting health.

You've got it all

If you’re serious about getting results, you know you have to prime your mind and body for performance. With the right nutrients, you can fuel your body and mind to train harder, longer and recover faster.

‘The Body you Desire Premium Package’ is a health Coaching program of 6 months designed not only to get you in the Desire Body and lose the weight as well you’ll start to live your life to the fullest as you’ll improve your health and wellbeing, double your energy you'll have your confidence back and you’ll feel more powerful to achive anything in your life or in your Business.

Get the Body you Desire and eliminate the daily fatigue and transform your health to feel more energetic everyday. Don’t wait until you burnt out!


Get the BODY you DESIRE

Feel TOTALLY CONFIDENT in your body

Improve your HEALTH and WELLBEING

Get rid of the Stress and Anxiety

Double your ENERGY

Feel and look YOUNGER

REGENERATE your mind and body

Gain clarity and focus

Get rid of the cravings

Generate a state of JOY and WELLBEING

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body will be, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."


- 1:1 Private 60 min Calls to help you make the dietary, fitness and lifestyle changes you want.

- VIP DAY with healthy lunch included to quick start the program,

this includes around 5 hours Intense Coaching with me.

- Curated handouts taylor for you with each session call

- Unlimited email support, emails returned during business hours

- BONUS: Monthly Meal Planning Support

- BONUS: Free E-Book “How to Lose weight ease in a Healthy way.” by Sandra Lopez.

- BONUS: Healthy diet design specific for your Body Type.

- BONUS: A detailed Guide with Recipes, step by step instructions, sample meal plans and detailed information to help lead you day by day

- BONUS: Free Guide Detox Program included, and a Free VIP Entry to the next DETOX workshop in London 2020.

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